Carol Roberto

Client Care Coordinator, Listing Photographer | Schmitz & Smith | KW- Austin Portfolio Real Estate

“My passion for real estate shows through my photography and the care that I give to each client”


Carol Roberto has a passion for photography – and for going above and beyond in customer care. She is known for her friendliness, professionalism and respect, values that she brings to every client interaction. Carol strives to be a valuable resource for those looking for real estate help, and she takes immense pride in her role as Client Care Specialist and Real Estate Photographer for Schmitz & Smith Group.
Carol is originally from Brazil and speaks fluent Portuguese, but she’s now lived in Austin for 21 years. She began working in real estate in 2006 with Shannon T. Schmitz. Carol developed an interest in photography during a family trip to Colorado – she was truly inspired by the landscapes she saw, and wanted to capture them on film. She still enjoys landscape photography, in addition to architecture, abstraction and real estate.
Carol is also passionate about pit bull rescue, and has volunteered with Love-a-Bull. Her current dog, Ollie, was rescued in San Antonio at just three months old. He is now eight. Carol is also an avid country dancer! She’s been doing the one step and the two step for more than 15 years. On weekends, you might find her cutting a rug at her favorite spot, Mavericks.